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How to silence sliding door alarm? Going crazy even when door is shut. | Honda Odyssey Forum

What you have to do is first is to remove the cargo net hooks. They have a little cover that you pry up to expose a Phillips screw head. Remove the tailgate kick/floor plate by simply removing two of the cargo hooks located at each corner and pry gently so as to pry the plate loose of its retainer clicks.
Next you will have to remove the rear lower seat belt and the middle lower seat belt that are both attached to the driver side panel. To remove the seat belt, you will need a 14 mm or 9/16 socket and ratchet. Remove the two bolts and you are nearly done.
Next you will have to open the car-jack compartment and remove the tire iron and the jack handle, leave the jack in its place. You will then see a Phillips screw helping to secure the panel to the wall, remove the screw.
Next you will have to pry the speaker cover off using gentle force and then remove two Philip screws that are holding the speaker in place. Once the speaker is removed and disconnected you will see another Philip screw in behind the speaker that is also used to secure the panel, remove this screw.
The next step is to remove the Phillip screw just below the rear seat latch; this is that “U” shaped piece of iron that is extruding out from the panel. Please note that you do not have to remove this hook, only the rubber cover and possibly any weather stripping that might prevent the removal of the left rear panel.
Next grab the panel firmly at the rear of the vehicle and with a short gentle thrust pull the panel away from the body, be careful not to use excessive force but a certain amount of strength is required to pull the panel away from the wall.

The “BUGGER” of the BUZZARD is located at shoulder level, when seated, near the back of the driver’s side sliding door, if in doubt simply leave the sliding door open and turn the ignition switch to on and with your foot on the brake put the van in gear; the buzzard will sound with all its might. You can disable it by disconnecting the two wire connecter that is about 2 to 3 inches away from the buzzard; follow the wire that is connected to the buzzard if you are not sure. The last step I would recommend is to verify the buzzard has been disconnected by doing the same thing to check for it location…
i.e.; ignition on, foot on brake and put van in gear.


Thanks for the details. I just did this today. I didn’t fully take off the panel even though I did everything so I could. I simply pulled the top enough to reach in and push the tab to unplug the piezo buzzer. No more random false alarms. And I still have my dash lights to see if a door is ajar. I took pics while I was at it since I had first searched google for almost an hour and couldn’t find any.

NOTE: You can not reach it via the speaker opening only as suggested in this thread.

DSC_9240e_web2.jpg DSC_9241e_web2.jpg DSC_9242ec_web2.jpg
Source: How to silence sliding door alarm? Going crazy even when door is shut. | Honda Odyssey Forum

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