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How to find out the Public Key Token for an assembly (DLL) file? –

sn -Tp C:\Temp\Oracle.DataAccess.dll

Find public key token value of an assembly file The easiest way of finding out this value is that using Strong Name Tool. It is used for assembly signing, key management, signature generation and verification. Strong Name Tool is automatically installed with Visual Studio. Follow the steps below to get values from your assembly file: Open Visual Studio Command Prompt (Start > Visual Studio > Visual Studio Tools > Developer Command Prompt) Run the command below. It will display both public key token and pu

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Entity Framework 6, database-first with Oracle – C# Today

For me, it worked for EF5, not successful with EF6

First I had to install Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) with Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio. Yep, long name. You can get it from Oracle web site (you’ll have to register). Make sure to take ODAC 12c Release 3 as previous versions don’t support Entity Framework 6. You will get it in a form of zip file. Next extract it and run setup.exe (it’s java so will take some time). Standard installation worked for me – just click Next couple of times and Install. If you want to alter the installation, make sure you:

  • Note Software location – the default is C:\app\client\USERNAME\product\12.1.0\client_1
  • Have Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio component selected – that’s what we are after 🙂
  • Select Visual Studio version that will be configured with the developer tools – you can select few, I needed only VS 2013
  • Check Configure ODP.NET at a machine-wide level – it will install it in GAC

Install Entity Framework 6

I wanted to use EF6 in my MVC5 web project. A new MVC5 project has already reference to EF6, so there was nothing to do. But if you have different project you might have to install Entity Framework 6 manually. The easiest way is to use NuGet packages:

  • NuGet manager is included in VS 2013, but if you use VS 2010 you will have to install it:
    • Open VS and click Tools menu, then Extensions and Updates
    • Click Online on the left hand panel, then type NuGet in search text box on the right side
    • It should find NuGet Package Manager – click on it and press Download button
    • Visual Studio restart will be required
  • Next, open you project, right click it and choose Manage NuGet Packages from context menu


  • Click Online on the left side, then type Entity in search box
  • Click EntityFramework and press Install

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