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Excel Tips

Combine Text and Formatted Numbers

Here are a few examples of using the TEXT function to format numbers.

NOTE: There are more examples of Custom formats on the Microsoft websitego to top

combine text number format

  • Format a date as month/day/year:
    •   =”Payment is due ” & TEXT(A2,”mm/dd/yyyy”)
  • Format a number as currency:
    •   =”Amount due: ” & TEXT(A3,”$#,##0.00″)& ” USD”
  • Format a number as a percentage:
    •    =”Your score is ” & TEXT(A4,”0.00%”)
  • Format a number as a fraction:
    •    =”Hours worked: ” &TEXT(A5,”# ?/?”)

Easy steps – how to combine cells in Excel, with text and number format. Add text to formulas, show formatted numbers. Free Excel file, video, written steps

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Organisation Chart in O365/ SharePoint – Microsoft Tech Community – 242582

We’re currently looking at having an organisational chart for our company, which display the structure of teams etc. and individual staff info.


Ideally we want this to be accessible via our SharePoint intranet, either as a link or embedded frame.


Does anyone know of an ‘out of the box’ solution for this? I know there is the O365 People app, which is basically pulling from AD/ the address book, however it doesn’t show a chart when you click on an individual.


So if there is an O365 solution that would be good, or if anyone knows a 3rd party software that does the job that would also be good to know.


Any help would be much appreciated!


If you by chance have Teams deployed, the Who App has an org chart tab that does this.


Source: Organisation Chart in O365/ SharePoint – Microsoft Tech Community – 242582

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(2) EPC – YouTube

Source: (2) EPC – YouTube

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